Manufacture and Design Electronics
High LED Density
Round LED module with high number of LEDs
Thin Ring
LEDs placed along the circular path of the ring module
Radial Ring
Uniform radial LED placement along a wide ring module
Round with Leads
Soldered wire leads to standard round module
Single High Power
Single high power LED with added thermal interface material
Alternate Solder Mask
Small round LED module with alternate solder mask color
Dual Channel
Dual channel color tuning module with independent channel connectors
Color Tuning Module
Standard interlaced dual channel color tuning with independent connectors
High LED Count
Linear module with small package LED and very high LED count
Arched Linear
Arched linear module with a length greater than 48 in.
Dual Row Linear
Standard linear module with dial row of LEDs
Flexible Substrate
Long 4 ft. linear modules on flexible substrate with adhesive backing
Flexible Substrate
Small linear modules on flexible substrate with adhesive backing
High Power w/ Driver
Rectangular module with high power LEDs and multiple integrated drivers
Standard Rectangular
Standard rectangular LED module with connectors on dual sides
Rectangular w/ Lens
Small rectangular single LED module with attached lens
Irregular Shapped
High density LED module with irregular shape
Large Pie Shape
Rectangular pie shaped module with large LED count
Integrated Technology
USB powered and controlled single high power LED with USB dimming control
High Thermal Density
High power LEDs with thermal pad connected to the PCB substrate
RGB Linear Module
RGB color module with independent color channels and integrated drivers
Power Control
LED driver output power control encased with leads
24V CC Driver
24V constant current 500/350 mA LED driver with leads and connector
24V CC Driver
24V constant current 500/350 mA LED driver for one to seven string LED
Encapsulated Driver
24V CC LED driver with wires and epoxy encapsulated into stainless tube
Integrated Driver
USB controlled and powered LED lighting module with integrated driver
Water Flow Sensor
Wireless water flow, pressure, temperature sensor and valve control
Temperature Sensor
Internet connected infrared temperature sensor
900 MHz Gateway
Wireless gateway for custom sensor and control network
BLE Controller
BLE controller for custom integrated power control and monitoring
Wireless Controller
Battery powered with a modular wireless configuration for remote control and sensing
Outdoor Sensor
Battery powered cellular IoT network connected remote outdoor sensor encapsulated
Gauge Tester
Manufacturing test fixture for remote gauge programming and quality testing
LED Module Tester
Manufacturing test fixture powering LED modules and test equipment controls
Battery Manager
Automotive auxiliary battery control with automatic delayed shutdown
Remote Gauge
In car remote control unit for the automotive battery manager
Modular Stack
Up to sixteen individually addressable modules can be stacked to scale functionality
Modular Stack
The host system can be a Raspberry Pi® or the à la mods embedded host
20W Power Module
Wide input voltage power module with triple-voltage outputs
Isolated I/O
Eight relay output and eight opto-isolated input stackable module.
Fan Control
Triple 2,3 or 4 wire DC fan control module with four temperature inputs
High Current Isolated
Dual high current (15A) isolated relay module
Electronic CC Load
Constant current electronic load with integrated fan control and temperature sensing
Analog I/O
Eight differential input ADC and dual output DAC with amplitude control
Isolated I/O
Dual relay and opto-isolated input control module
à la mods Power
à la mods system power module monitoring app
Sensor Manager
Large scale remote sensor management app with embedded geo-location
Appliance App
Temperature monitoring app for cooking application
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